Loyalty Point Website Features

At Redeem Your Points, we specialized in offering loyalty point website features like customer loyalty apps, customer gift cards, personalized branding and so much more. Because we have pre-built solutions that can be easily customized and put into place for your business, we make it easier, quicker and far more cost effective than other providers. Look below to learn more about some of the loyalty point website features that we offer, and then contact us for a free consultation. We’re ready to help your loyalty program succeed!

Rewards Points Website

A rewards point website is a proven way to increase customer engagement, enhance loyalty, and attract new customers. When you’re ready to set your site up, we can walk you through the process and help fulfill all the backend needs, like customer service, order fulfillment, and more.

Customer Loyalty App

There’s a reason why so many companies offer customer loyalty apps. They work! Problem is, they can also be expensive and time consuming to create. We solve that problem for you by offering prebuilt solutions that can be customized to your need, quickly and easily. See how.

Customer Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent perk to offer through your loyalty program, and we can help. Because we offer total back end support, including merchandising and fulfilling of customer gift cards, we can make setting your program up simple. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment can be expensive and complex. Not with us. We have ready to implement solutions that can handle all the fulfillment and warehousing tasks that you’ll need to run your reward program. No staff to hire – just let us know you want to start.

Bulk Delivery

We offer bulk delivery solutions that will make your rewards program a success. You don’t need to build out a costly infrastructure or hire new staff. Our turnkey solutions make offering bulk delivery simple, easy and cost effective. Ask us for a free quote, we’re ready to help.

Dropship Directly To Customer

Let us help you dropship rewards directly to your customers. Our push play solutions make it simple and easy. And if you already have a shipping department or program in place, we can easily integrate into it. Contact us today to get a free drop shipping solution quote.

Customer Service

With us, customer service is easy. Whether you need a complete customer service solution, or just need to add on to your existing capabilities, Redeem Your Points can help. Our ready to go customer service solutions can help support your rewards or loyalty program, quickly and cost effectively.

Personalized Branding

Create an unforgettable impression with personalized branding. It’s a unique and effective way to promote your business and your rewards programs. We offer personalized branding across a variety of items, from clothing to keepsakes to business material and more. Ask us for a free quote.

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing is a proven and effective way to help your business succeed. And we offer total loyalty marketing solutions, from setting up a website and points program, to helping you merchandise your loyalty rewards, to customer service and more. See how quick and easy it can be.

CRM & Personalization

Adding CRM and personalization options to your rewards programs can help you create a key point of differentiation. Personalizing rewards or loyalty items will make your rewards program even more special and can help increase participation and satisfaction. Let us help you get started.

Security & Technology

We offer the strongest and most advanced security and technology solutions in the rewards program industry. Because we have existing solutions that can easily be customized to your needs and quickly put in place, we can help you put security and technology solutions in place more cost-effectively than other providers.


Rewards program integrations can be complicated… and costly. Not with us. No matter what type of reward or loyalty program you already have, we are ready, willing and able to integrate into it. Give us a call or email us for a free integrations quote and consultation. We can make it far easier than you might think.

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