Employee Rewards

If your company needs to create an employee rewards website or employee rewards program, we can show you how easy and cost-effective it can be to get started. Redeem Your Points specializes in providing companies like yours with templated website and reward program solutions that can be used as employee engagement tools. Your staff will love using them—and love how easy they are to operate.  

Your employees are one of the most important investments your business will ever make. And an employee rewards program is a proven tool for attracting employees, engaging employees and boosting employee productivity. With an employee rewards program, you can create a distinct, ownable point of differentiation that makes you business stand out from the crowd. And now, Redeem Your Points has made it easier than ever before to set up and run an outstanding employee rewards program

The best part? Redeem Your Points can handle all the back end aspects of your employee rewards website and program, from stocking your site with merchandise, to handling orders and fulfilling them, to handling customer service needs.

Trust us to make starting your program simple. We’ve already done all the hard work—so your staff doesn’t have to. With our templated, push-play solution, you don’t need to hire additional staff or increase your existing staff’s already considerable workload. We’ve already done all the web design, coding, hosting and technology build outs. Simply let us know what your business needs, and we will customize one of our existing solutions so that it’s perfect for your needs.

With Redeem Your Points, you can offer your employees brand name merchandise and rewards that they will love. We will help you stock your site with electronics, clothing, experiential rewards, gift cards and so much more. These rewards will motivate your employees, make them feel recognized and help keep them engaged.

Ready to get started creating an Employee Rewards Website or Program? Contact us for your free consultation today. Our experts will be happy to assess your needs and provide you with a no-obligation quote and work schedule that will show you how easy and cost-effective it can be to get started. Drop us a line today!